Northwest Portland musician Travis Royce nominated for awards" (The Oregonian, 10/12) Travis Royce, a 23-year-old producer, songwriter and performer from Northwest Portland , has been nominated for three Artists in Music Awards, in the electronica, urban hip-hop, and dance categories. The awards recognize emerging musicians from around the world."

Travis Nominated for Three Artists in Music Awards Travis has been nominated in three categories for the Artists In Music Awards. You can vote for him here in either the hip-hop, dance or electronica category:!vote "We are very proud to say that Travis Royce has joined our family at ishlab" (Ishlab, 7/12)

At the age of 23, Travis is a producer, writer, and performer, originally from Portland, Oregon. His mustic style can be defined as electronic, hip-hop, dance, and r&b. However, his talents don't end there. He's been playing piano since age tweleve, around the same time he began to write and play music of all genres.

Gooey hypnotic eltronica-driven hip-hop from a wunderkind-savant (Review by Devon Jackson, 6/12) Devon Jackson has reviewed music and film for several popular publications, including Entertainment Weekly, The Village ZVoice, Rolling Stone and Details. This is what he had to say about our own Travis Royce. "Royce, all of 23, and who seemingly sought in musical composition and production a relief from his anxiety-driven insomnia (or maybe it's the othe way aorund), apparently created hundreds of songs between the onset of said anxiety at age 12 and now. I'd never with that feeling on anyone, bu in this case, Royce's condition spawned a kind of gentle musical genius. Absorbing plenty of what's good and interesting and endearing, perhaps even calming, in hip-hop and rap, Royce has here put out a hip-hop dance song about drinking too much-but with a sort of innocence and humility about it that exists on the complete opposite end of folks like Snoop Dogg and Kanye. Musically, and vocally, Royce has a flat but magnetic voice, a rich throatiness that calls to the mind The Goats (Philly's other great alternative hip-hop group), or Michael Franti (whether solo or from his Disposible Heroes days). The song's fun, it's bouncy, it borders on nonsensical (in the best way-not in the blunted way but in that fractured let's-just-cut-shit-up-and-see-what-it's-like kinda way). But the difference is that it doesnt just give you one song, one tempo; after dropping to the chorus the second time around, the intensity picks up, the tempo's bouncier. As talented as Eminem, for sure".

Travis's music picked up by 106.5 KGUP and radio stations worldwide! Travis's songs, "With Anything 2.0" and "Machine 2.0." from his EP, "Therapy 2.0" were picked up the Los Angeles based radio station KGUP 106.5FM. You can request the song by calling (206) 338-6356, or via twitter (@great_unknowns) or facebook: In addition, three songs off "Therapy 2.0" (Love Me More, Machine, and Last Night) were recently picked up by an impressive 255 FM stations and 536 online stations worldwide.