People keep asking me, "Travis, where have you been hiding? What have you been doing?!"Okay, not that many people.Shit, maybe no one now that I think about it, but fuck it. I've got a blog. Its about time I put it to some use.Six months ago I moved from Portland to Berkeley, CA, to take classes at an electronic music production school in San Francisco. Why not move to san francisco, you ask? I tried. For months. Meh. Just so happened I found a nice spot in Berkeley (side note: would love some hot water in my kitchen though) and plopped my ass down there.Basically since then, I've been working on production and not much else. Schools taught me a good deal, but having the time to focus down here has really proven the most beneficial. I've got a shit-ton of unreleased stuff in all kinds of genres and i'm trying to figure out how to put it all together in some kind of marketable form. The leading option is to release different genre shit under different names, as much of a pain in the ass it is to manage all of those websites. This way I can still do whatever I want artistically/musically, but hopefully make it easier to digest in its different pieces. The real issue with this is coming up with names. If you've got any good ones, send em my way.The first of these projects is an electro house EP, still unnamed, but 80% finished. I'll be previewing some songs from it in my first mix (YUP... made a mix. Finally gonna give the DJ thing a go.) which ill drop (do you "drop" a mix?) early June (OOH THATS SOON!).Or as soon as I come up with a name.Now I have 6 months more of classes, and in that 6 months I will be releasing a good deal of new music, all which will be at, which will be updated for licensing and other ish quite soon.Now, go watch Arrested Development on netflix if you haven't already.Or do something productive, I guess?MehPeace!