Note: It is 5:30 AM. There is a fucking rooster. That wont shut the fuck up. So I am writing this, in order to distract myself from my need to kill that rooster.I've seen and heard way too many opinions about this whole shebang recently, most of them seemingly idiotic, or at the least sadly uninformed. If your not in the know (Congrats! You probably have more important things to think about!), Robin Thicke had a song come out (Blurred Lines) that sounds somewhat like Marvin Gaye's "Got To Give It Up". The big question is, is it stealing?DID HE STEAL FROM MARVIN GAYE!?!?I'll give you the quick answer... no.But now I have to explain. Because some of you think that one element of a song, when taken from a song, is stealing. Because that IS what happened.Robin Thicke did, intentionally, "take" the GROOVE from got to give it up.For those of you unfimiliar with a "groove", it is basically the overall feel usually created by the tempo, swing of the drums, and placement of the instruments.In this type of funk, you play the chords on the off beats. You do the same for multiple genres, including reggae, dub, (dubstep too, but not brostep) etc.Yes... Robin Thicke did use a 70's funk groove.So did Marvin Gaye.Not a Marvin Gaye Groove. A 70's funk groove.Now onto my point.What do you listen to?I bet its not 70's funk.Because if you did, you wouldn't be saying "this is a ripoff!"You'd be saying "this is good 70's funk, recorded in modern day" (somewhat like the daft record).And what is the difference?GENRE.How many hip hop songs have the same groove?How many house?How about Pop?Fuck... even classical?The answer is all of them. While there ARE more then one per, there are VERY FEW "grooves" to each of these genres, and if you are not in one of them, you are not in the genre.So what is this? Am I saying that the people who are calling it a blatent rip off probably don't know the first fucking thing about what they're talking about musically?Yes.Thats exactly what i'm saying.They wanted to make a song in the same style. In the same Genre. They stated that before they started the track. For those of you who don't make music professionally (or at least a shit ton), this is an important lesson:THAT IS HOW YOU MAKE MUSIC.You decide what you are doing before you do it. You have a plan, a creative strategy. You are not just playing random shit and seeing what you come up with, you KNOW WHAT YOU WANT.If you don't, your use as a musician is questionable, and you will waste hours on hours on hours doing random shit that will only maybe get you anywhere.They wanted 70's funk, and they did a masterful job at it.Great video too. (side note)Now, lets get down to the itty gritty details about what makes this so much not a rip off, in the legal sense, by breaking the track down to its key components.COMPOSITION: (In Chords)Marvin Gaye:  I, IV, V, IRobin Thicke: I, I, I, I, V,V,V,IV, III, IIFor those of you that don't understand that... they're playing different shit. And they are, of course, in different keys. Which means while they both contain a I and a V, they are different keys. (They are a full tone away in key) So, to sum up the composition...Chords: Fucking differentBPM: Similar, but fucking different.Drums: They're different sounds, hitting at different times. I've got other shit to do then prove it, look it up. The similarity is they both work within the genre and mix the high hats pretty high.Lyrics: Totally fucking differentVocal Melody: Fucking DIFFERENTPlacement of A chord on the off beat: SameSo, all in all, we have two songs around the same tempo, that only play chords on offbeats. Aka...THEYRE THE SAME FUCKING GENRE.GODDAMMIT THIS IS ANNOYING.People are saying, "then why are they offering a settlement? Why are they suing? Isn't that proof of guilt?"Nope. They started the lawsuit after THE SONG HAD BEEN NUMBER ONE FOR 2 MONTHS WITHOUT STOP.Not before.And what did Robin Thicke's team sue for?So that Marvin Gaye's family could not own AN ENTIRE GENREBecause thats what this is about.Genre. And the fact that Robin Thicke  ADMITTED TO WANTING TO MAKE THE SAME GROOVE as Marvin Gaye. Which is why the Gaye family thinks they have a lawsuit. Because Robin Thicke admitted to wanting to make a song. With that groove. In that genre.Fuck I could demonstrate my point better on video. But imagine this:I sit down to make a song. I set the tempo to around 120 (around these songs tempo).I play my electric piano on the offbeats, with whatever chords I want, and add in some hi-hats.Got that sound in your mind? Because its the sound that people are saying robin thicke "stole".Have I now stolen from both of these songs?Should I be sued?IMHO, people like to think of Robin Thicke as a no-talent because he has the best fkn life ever. He was born into money (father is Allan Thicke) and is now a superstar married to Paula Patton (GOD DAMN!). To most people, he came out of nowhere, and got famous for making a video with abunch of naked models.Thats not who he is to me. I back him up in part because i've been a Robin Thicke fan since early high school (shiiit... almost ten years now), and the dude is fucking talented. And when you get all this negative attention for making something great?Fuck that.We love tearing down our idols. We love seeing them fail, thinking of them as cheaters, because then some part of ourselves says "thats why I couldn't do it", and that helps us accept the lack of success we've achieved in comparison.What i'm saying people, is that we are assholes.Im also saying Robin Thicke didn't steal shit.But more that people are assholes.And if that goddamn rooster outside of this place wakes me up at 530 AM again tomorrow, I will be strangling it with my bare hands.