While the title might convey uncertainty (as it should), this is being written to do the exact opposite: tell you what i've been doing, and more importantly, when and HOW a shitload of music is going to be released in the next few months.The music business is insane. Everyone knows this by now. Piracy and file-sharing totally destroyed the previous, money-for-songs model, and now we are here trying to pick up the pieces. Thats not to say that there isn't hope... there is still a huge music industry, its just that it operates in a much different fashion. Your number one source of funding is (assuming your not getting placements in major motion pictures) live gigs. Live gigs= DJing (for electronic music), and DJing is something i've never had to wrap my head around before. Lets not kid ourselves- there are hundreds of ways to DJ, raging from the ridiculously difficult (live remix tools, real vinyl, etc) to the mind blowing-ly easy (sync and play!) Who am I as a DJ? No idea yet, because first I had to figure out who I am as a producer.EDM has genres on genres, and sub-genres on sub-genres on more sub-genres. While this can be a lot to handle, it is extremely helpful to the producer in a marketing sense, and this is something i've never capitalized on before. By staying within a genre, you give people a chance to understand your sound and get YOU without having to do much else but play your music. Plus, every genre has a sort of already set-up identity, accepted by the DJs and fans of it.This brings me to what i'm doing next.I have around twenty five 90%+ finished tracks, ranging from complextro to love step to moombah to trap. If this were the old me, I would make a huge double album that went all over the place, and name it after my real name (Yay!).But this is the new me, that tries to make things simple for the listener. That has to be a DJ for the first time in his life (besides all the parties at luke's), and that has to become a legitamate EDM artist if I really want to make this work.So that's why I am becoming three.The first album/Ep (depending on the final track count) that I am dropping is the Puddleshkuk album. This is a name and hotmail account that i've had since 6th grade. Why Puddleshkuk? Because theres Puddle, and then theres Shkuk, and then theres what happens when the two of them come together. The album will be complextro-based (sub-genre of electro house) and will be fucking banging. We've got the artwork (ill "leak" it soon) and are shooting the newest music video for it in three weeks. (Sidenote: FUCK! I still need to write a music video! Work to do...) The first single should drop in early august, and the album should in september or october.After this! We have the love step or sexy step (as I prefer) album.Its untitled, and all I can tell you is its at moombah tempo (112), full of acapella soul samples, rnb chords, and is sexy as hell. It's somewhat Kill Paris-y, but thats just because he's the main dude (in my mind) that fks with this sound. This should be out in november-December under a different artist name.Last but not least, we have the Dubstep/Trap/Hip Hop stuff. I am grouping all of these together for this project, because while they are different, they stick to the same bpm (140, besides hip hop) and I really dont want to be more then three artists at one time.So! This is confusing, I am sure, but it won't be when its released. Everything I do will be posted through tmcroyce.com, as well as sites for the individual sounds. I will only have one twitter, one main website, one main Facebook, and then everything else flows from that.On another quick side note, music school has been awesome. Wanna be a producer? Got the dough to spend on a crapshoot career in music? You should go.Im kidding, somewhat.It is a crapshoot, but there's nothing I would rather be doing.Are you really still reading this?Fuck. Good for you!