(For context, I have a black car with slightly tinted windows)Well, to say met is a bit of an overstatement, but none the less I had to share this. I was in Berkeley with my girlfriend stopping at north beach pizza (GRUB!), and when I pulled up I noticed a family of five to my right, all of them heading to get into their own car. As I pull up, I notice the 4-6 year old girl staring at my car, back pressed against her parents in fear - horror movie style, like she was seeing the exorcist come at her -. My girlfriend and I chuckled at her apparent fear of my car, which was 15-25 feet away from her, parking, and no apparent threat to her. Then we park and my girlfriend opens her door, and the girl lets out a huge sigh of relief upon seeing me through the open passenger door. She looks up at her dad, feeling much better now, and says "few! I thought it was gonna be a big black guy".No joke.Verbatim.My girlfriend and I just froze there in shock, not able to look the parents in the face.All I'm saying...What the fuck.C'mon.