Alright, so let me say, going into this, I wasn't going to like this album.I'm tired of Kanye. So tired of his shit.Last week's egomaniacal interview with rolling stone just helped push me closer towards giving up on Kanye forever.And then I listened to the album.Lets do this thing.With ratings.On Sight:Im not a big fan of switching from that industrial type minimalist sound to the classic Kanye Motown sample without maintaining any cohesion between the two. Really cool, well produced sounds, but can we mix the two up a bit, show us something a bit more creative? (Not to say Kanye isn't creative... that would be rediculous. Just saying, I need some cohesion.) Thats just my personal take, I prefer a complex mash (My Dark Twisted Fantasy- Like) as opposed to the minimalistic way Kanye took it, which was basically as a break. That being said, this was produced by Daft Punk, so it sounds to me like Kanye just took daft punks beat and threw an old kanye beat of the same key in the middle of it,  but... That being said, song sounds cool, which is all most people care about anyway.7/10Black Skinhead:Ahhh... this song is great. Creative, and production is nuts. Leaving it at that.9/10I Am A God:Another huge 808 track... And another huge track. Production making me jealous.8.5/10New Slaves: One of the best songs on the album. Kanye lyrically does his best writing here, with an awesome beat. The artifacts in this album are what make it... the random screams, guitar licks, and sputters panning in the background around the main beat. Also the break at the end of this song is rediculously soulful.9.5/10Hold My Liquor:WHAT THE HELL.At this point im angry at how good this shit is, and how much I missed Kanye without knowing it. Coulda had chief keef do a couple retakes on that chorus... but the imperfection is what they were going for, im sure. It definitely adds to the song when you take it as him just being really fucked up. Once again the exit of this song is amazing... ahhhhh. DAMMIT I HATE TO LOVE YOU.9.5/10Im In It:Oh shit. We've gone trap, guys.Like, industrial, awesome trap.I be speakin swag-heli.8.5/10Blood On The Leaves:Ahhh... hes gone back to the auto-tune. Dammit.Then it goes into the song... and I dont understand what its about. Or anything.I dont understand this one. Sounds cool but I think too many ideas for one song.7/10Guilt Trip:Still autotune, but a really tight beat. A tight enough beat to warrant some. Ahhhh I just wish he got rid of the auto tune. Honestly, its just for effect, and it just annoys me at this point and reminds me of bad kanye. And being in college.8/10Send Up:Cool ass beat.8/10Bound 2:Once again does the switch up style-without warning thing. Sometimes it can be awesome, but like I said at the beginning, its just not my cup of tea. MIX THESE SHITS TOGETHER! Okay thats the last time I say that. Honestly, a cool ending, but not what I was expecting from Kanye (Read: 7 Minute epic)8/10Overall:This album is crazy good. It really is. Production-wise, its amazing. All of the credit can't go to Kanye, he had a plethora of amazing producers working on it. Lyrically, it sounds like Kanye, not really a departure from what we've seen in the past, and there are parts of the album where his lyrics really shine. The overall sound, though, is what we most take out of it. The huge 808s, some obvious trap influence, mixed with big distorted minimalistic industrial sounds.Is Kanye West the Music's Michael Jordan? No.Is he Steve Jobs? No.Is he a creative, talented dude that (usually) knows how to put together a great album?You betcha. (Sarah Palin voice)Kanye's socially an idiot, to say the least, but he produces great music.If anyone can find me a list of the other producers (I know there were many) that would be great, I haven't been able to find it yet.Yuh8.5/10Good ass album.